Vision What is Happening?

Peru has a whole generation of young people who are desperate for the healing love of Jesus. The need to get the youth off of the streets and into a healthy Christian environment is critical.

Our goal is to instill and develop moral character in the lives of those we have charge over. We are attempting to model intimacy with Father God, not some dead religion full of man’s traditions. Christian virtue is the goal.

This is accomplished in six ways:

VisionShort  and  long Term Missions Trips

Many churches have short term mission trips where the people come and love them, then leave them. Our trips are designed for you to make a lasting connection with those you minister to. We want to make a lasting impact in the lives of the people we help! We host large groups as well as individauls through out the year giving them hands on opportunities to serve and minister to all ages sharing Christ love and message.

Church Planting 

Through training and mentoring, the cultural mores of the world can be bluffed out and the robe of righteousness worn more consistently.  This year we are working on launching and building a church in multiple locations. First we are looking to launch a church in the heart of Trujillo city to help be a light in a dark world and spread the good news of Christ. We want to help people and show Christ love to all we meet. Second location we would like to construct a church on our ministry land located on the outskirts of Trujillo in a very poor area next to our school. We believe this we help the community in that area and help grow the work we have all ready started there with our school.

Finally we will use Trujillo as a launching point to go spread out into multiple cities across South America.


Vida Abundante - Trujillo Peru - Planted  July 2015 

Gracia Iglesia Cristiana - Cajamarca Peru - Planted February 2014

Cielos Abiertos - Trujillo Peru - Planted January 2008

VisionEvangelistic Outreaches, Conferences, and Street Ministry

 We hold multiple outreaches monthly in all parts of the country sharing God's Love and his message with the lost. We also host many Conferences through out the year for Pastors, women, leaders, youth, and men.  

Encounter School of  Worship and Bible College

We have launched  a school of worship and Bible college here in Peru to help raise up and train the next generation of leaders, Pastors,  worship leaders and musicians! Classes  started  in January 2017 the College is associated and under IVBI And Victory Church in Tulsa. 

We have already started offering Music and Vocal Training as well as Bible study and English classes.


Encounter School of Worship and Bible College - Trujillo, Peru - Launched January 2017

Encounter School of Worship and Bible College - Cajamarca, Peru - Currently being built

Acorde Academia de Música - Cajamarca, Peru - Founded January 2010

L .k.Wolter Academia Cristiana

We have built a free private Christian school in one of the poorest areas here in Trujillo Peru to provide free Godly education, Nutritious meals, hygiene products, and clothes to the students that attend. We want to offer these students a chance at a brighter future. We are looking to match students with sponsors for the USA to help cover the cost of this program. We are going to build up the student Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically. sponsorships are $25 a month look for a link on our sponsor  a child page.


L. K. Wolter Academia Cristiana - Trujillo, Peru - Founded March 2013

L. K. Wolter Academia Cristiana - Cajamarca, Peru - Currently being built

New Leaf Peru - Viable Sustainability

Micro Loans -

We Lend small amounts of money to small businesses and individuals who need a little money in order to make or expand their business. We set up a realistic repayment plan that charges a very small interest fee in order to help them grow and be prosperous. That way small businesses and individuals that can't qualify or afford a bank loan with a its very high interest rates can still be able to expand their business and make a better life for there families.

Loans are made between $25 dollars - $500 dollars

Why do we charge a little interest?

It makes the person borrowing take ownership of the loan and more likely to pay it back as well as helps us use the interest to reinvest in the community here. Making the program one day sustainable.

Why we do what we do

We envision a world where all people - even in the most remote areas of the globe - hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.

We believe providing safe, affordable access to capital to those in need helps people create better lives for themselves and their families.

Food Breeding Program -

We give Breeding pairs for both Ducks and Cuys to needy families here in Peru. Both Ducks and Cuys breed fast and multiply quickly. In a short amount of time this will not only be able to feed the family but turn it in to income for the family as well. So one simple program can completely change the lives of poor Peruvians! All we ask of them is that once given a breeding pair of Cuys and Ducks they return us baby breeding pairs from the litters twice within the first year in order to make this sustainalbe for the long term and help us reach and bless even more people. If you are interested in donating or helping with this project please email Joel Savage at

Skills Workshops -

Teaching skills sets to the widows, single parents, old, and needy youth.

We host workshops in order to teach viable skills sets that they can use in making a small business. We will teaching them how to sew, make jewelry, wood working, crafts, ect. That way they can make things that they can sell on the streets, in the markets, and from home or in a shop. Bringing them an income that will greatly impact there lives. We provide them all the materials needed to make a least 20 items during the workshop. All we ask is that they give us two of the items so we can have to sell and put the money back into helping someone else through this program making it one day self sustaining.