About Savage Ministries

Thanks for checking out this site. We are all about evangelism. church planting, and ministering where ever God opens the door . We will go anywhere to aid in the growth of the Kingdom of God.

Be sure to check out our Missions in Peru. You can sponsor a child. Come on a short term mission trip, or serve as a missionary with us.

Covering and Accountablity: Access Church Tulsa is the the church Covering for this ministry. While we work with many Churches and Businesses they are the church that oversees us as well as who we are Ordained Under. We are accountable to Pastor Phil Stren at  Access Church Tulsa, Rev. Greg Wolter at  Cummuntiy Builders inc. and Pastor David at Statesboro new covendent church. We are also licensed with  Victory Christian Center in Tulsa. 

Our Blog is inspirational and challenging. Also Feel free to follow our Missionaries on both facebook and twitter!