Why Savage Ministries

"If you want a proven leader who hears from God and obeys; who has 28 years of experience preaching all over the world; who operates with a prophetic anointing; and who has been used by God for healings and deliverances, then Doc is your man."
- Rev. Greg Wolter, Traveling Minister

"Ken Savage is a man of integrity whose ministry demostrates both the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit."
- Dr. Raiph Fagin, Provost, Oral Roberts University

"They understand overseas missions and want to further the work that Jesus is doing there."
- Rev Jose Vasquez, Peru

 BIG WOW!!  Joel & Maria are doing a fantastic job! The school Building looks great... students are enrolled & children are learning.  I've seen missions work around the world and this is very good ground. I encourage any serious believer to support this work. -G J Wolter

The work Joel and Maria are doing in Peru is wonderful! They are helping people Body, Mind, and Spirit!  They do a great job showing the love of Christ and sharing his word with the lost. They are a great light for Christ in this South America! - David Scott, Traveling Minister