Construction Projects

 Currently we have several building projects going on in Peru.

     1 -  School Projects - 

We are currently expanding our school program here in Trujillo and Cajamarca  Peru! We are working on building more classrooms  and buildings to be able to help even more children.

     2 - Church Projects -

We are working to build a second church location in Trujillo Peru as well as a church building in Cajamarca Peru. 

     3 - Land upgrades - 

We own a few properties that are in different areas of development and construction and still need  little work some of the projects are: gravel and rock work, painting, Wall construction/ repair, Building a new school rooms, church buildings, outreach centers electrical and general repairs.

Current Properties 

Trujillo, Peru -  continued school expansion project 

Cajamarca , Peru -  church and school construction project

Huanchaco, Peru - currently just land - future missionary housing build

Lipanga, Peru - Farm Land - future school and coffee farm 

     4 - Dorms -

The dorms are completed and we can house missionary groups from 1-75 people at our ministry site.

     5 - Pastoral Housing

Working on making a better place for our full time missionaries to stay as well as housing for visiting Pastors. Current housing is complete in Trujillo and we are getting ready to start construction on the housing in Cajamarca